Apr 13, 2009

Monday: A Day in the Life

Woke up. Callie was "talking" in her co-sleeper, it was so cute! I tried to go back to sleep but no luck. But I was happy to wake up to a happy baby! There's nothing better than waking up to her smile.

Read for awhile while I fed Callie.

Worked out. Four minutes walking, one minute running for 60 minutes on the treadmill while watching The Bonnie Hunt Show and Regis & Kelly. Not a big Rosie or Whoopie fan. Had to stop half-way through because Callie woke-up. Put her under her activity mat on our bed and finished.

Gave Callie a bath. Used this wonderful-smelling baby wash we got called Mustela. Now I can't stop smelling her!

Got Callie dressed. Finally tried on our BabyLegs from Kristy. So cute I might have to get more. I love baby legs (and BabyLegs)!

Talked to Abby on the phone while Callie was in her swing (thanks for calling). Can't wait to be her Personal Attendant in May!

Went grocery shopping. Callie was good the whole time! Forgot to buy diaper wipes, oops! We're almost out!

Tried to catch-up on some blog-reading. I'm way behind from being gone this weekend. It may just have to wait!

Put away the groceries and washed/chopped the veggies while Callie sat in her Bumbo on the kitchen counter (yes, I know) and watched. Finally got around to doing something with the two bags of onions I stocked up on when I was pregnant. What do you do with two bags of onions? I think I was on "nesting" overload. Anyway, I decided to chop them and stick them in the freezer in plastic bags (first freeze on a pan so they don't clump together). I guess next time I make chili, I will save 3 minutes on the chopping. Thank goodness! ;)

Put Callie in the Baby Bjorn while I put away the dishes. She fell asleep!

Next on the to-do list (and I do make lists):

Unpack from the weekend. Can't decide which is worse - packing or unpacking.


A few e-mails.

Make dinner.

Until tomorrow!


Hamblin Bunch said...

Do you ever wonder what you did before kids??

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