May 5, 2008

Old Friends, New Memories

We spent this weekend with some of our good friends from college: Jared and Stephanie with their baby Brenna, Abby, and Andy, Kyle's good friend from high school. We met in Clear Lake for the weekend, and had a great time catching up and making new memories, with lots of laughs and great conversation.

We took a picture of the three girls in the kitchen (while Abby was making some fabulous Pad Thai). Later, we realized that we took one in that exact same spot...about 6 years ago when we were in college. How funny!

I guess Jared, Steph, and I missed the memo that said we were all supposed to wear blue on Saturday. How random that three people wore blue! Oh, and check out this cute couple (above, minus Kyle). I must have some stellar match-making skills, because we set them up on a blind date a few months ago. Just look at them now!


ajg said...

I love being famous! Thanks for the recognition:) You ARE a great matchmaker!

Anonymous said...

That baby does look smaller than Micah! She is very cute.

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