May 7, 2008

Six Random Things

Amanda has tagged me and asked that I list six random things about myself. Here they are, and they are pretty random!

1. I am always trying to think of things that I can sell on e-bay.

2. I really like to read, especially well-written fiction, but have trouble finding new books and authors. Any suggestions?

3. I lived in the dorms for 4 years in college. My roommates were Missy, Lindsday, Lindsay again, Jodi, and Crystal.

4. I am obsessed with being organized and think about it a lot, but I’m really not. I try, but it escapes me.

5. I’m addicted to my blackberry. It's pink. It has Facebook. And blogs. And e-mail. And Google. It's pretty awesome.

6. I am really bad at directions (more on this to come later).

Okay, now I get to tag someone to answer these questions as well. Kristy and Jess, let's hear it!


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