Feb 11, 2009

Life-Saving Baby Gear #1

Okay, life-saving may be a stretch, but there have been a few pieces of "baby gear" that have been really helpful these first few weeks. Today I will post one of them, in no particular order.

I love our Hotsling. As fun as it is to try to do things one-handed, this sling is great because I can put Callie in it and feel a little more useful. Some of the activities that I can now do much faster (and easier)? I can type on the computer, clean up the house, do my hair and make-up, and even go to the bathroom! I've heard that you can breast-feed while the baby is in the sling...sounds tricky...I haven't mastered that one yet!

Our Baby Bjorn is also great and has a similar function. Kyle has been using it (sorry no picture yet). He always wants to hold his babe when he gets home from work, which has been a little difficult when we're eating dinner. So our solution is for him to eat dinner with her attached!

Look at our little girl, all snuggled up!

What will the next piece of baby-gear be? Hmmm...the suspense!


Holmfamily said...

too cute! and you look great!

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

You look amazing.

I love my Hotsling. It's also great for grocery shopping, Target and the mall. Levi actually kind of stops crying when he sees that I'm putting it on.

I keep trying to convince Drew that I need another one and finally I described it as getting a new shirt because I use it so frequently!

It is a don't leave home without for me.

Glad you and Callie enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow, you look really good in that picture. You must be one of the lucky, amazing, shrinking ones!

brianna gray said...

Oh, that is so cute!!! You look like a hot mama! :)

Marcus, Rebecca, Chase, and Madelyn said...

How in the world do you look like you could not have ever been pregnant? Wow! You look so great!

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