Feb 12, 2009


Callie was so cute this morning! She hasn't spent much time in her crib yet, but this morning after her bath, I laid her in it and turned on her mobile while I picked out her clothes. She loved it! It was fun to watch her interested in the little bears and the music. I'm sure you won't enjoy this video as much as I do (well...maybe the grandparents will), but it's pretty cute!


Holmfamily said...

i love watching newborns! i just love watching everything through the eyes of a child...such amazement and wonder!
thanks for sharing and look forward to more videos to come, she is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. We will babysit any time. Seriously. I was telling my mom today that I would love to spend a couple of hours holding a newborn that I get to give back :-)

djp said...

So adorable!! She's sooo cute in her crib....all itty bitty!!!

alan and steph said...

Now I'm not even related to you and I think that is way too cute!!! So fun to have a little one in your home.

peter marie said...

That is so sweet!! She looks so alert already.

Makes me excited for our little girl. I love all the pink! :)

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