Oct 15, 2008

100 Days!

Wow, only 100 days to go! I can't believe it. This pregnancy is going so fast! I'm not sure when the third trimester officially starts - I've heard 26 weeks or 28 weeks, depending on the book - but today I am 26 weeks, so I think that's probably right about now!

She has been kicking a lot lately, which is so much fun. We've noticed that she really responds when Kyle talks to her, too. Last week, she was literally kicking his face, repeatedly! It was so cute! I haven't slept well lately, and didn't realize before how active she is at night.

I've still been feeling good, minus the not sleeping as well, which has just been for the past few nights. My mind has been racing with things to do before the baby gets here, which is probably why I can't sleep! I've had most of this week off since the kids don't have school, so I've gotten a lot done in terms of cleaning and organizing (let's just say her closet is ready and spotless!). I can't believe how fast October is going. If November and December are the same, it will feel like a few weeks!

I've had some requests for a "side" belly shot. I'll try to get one taken soon, so stay tuned!


Marcus, Rebecca, Chase, and Madelyn said...

Oh my goodness! That is so exciting! And by the way, the sleeping gets worse towards the end, I'm so sorry to say! That's cool that she responds so much to Kyle's voice! It's so awesome to see a daddy and his little girl! I love watching Marcus play with Madelyn because it just melts my heart!!!!

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

I'll second the not sleeping well at the end, now it is like I have a newborn, sleep a few hours, up to pee, sleep, pee, sleep, pee until I just get up.

You are doing great, Nealy. I'm sure you'll have everything prepared perfectly. We're still working on the nursery and haven't pulled out the tub of 0 - 3 months clothes yet!

Christy said...

looking forward to the side-profile pic! i tagged you for a blog game. see my latest post for details.

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