Jun 9, 2008

Rebarcak Family Reunion

This weekend, we went back to Iowa for my family reunion. We haven't had one in 8 years, and it was all of the kids/grandkids/great grandkids of my Grandma Mary Lou and her sister Donna. Both Grandma Mary Lou and Donna had six kids! We survived the 90° weather, super high humidity, and strong winds and got together at a park. I was the photographer for the day. Here's a picture of the sisters.

And all of the cousins that made it. We're missing quite a few, but we still had a great turn-out!

All of my siblings. It was also Matt's sister's wedding that day, so Kiley and Matt couldn't make it.

My grandma and me. She's so sweet, and I love getting to see her. Everyone always asks where I got my blonde hair and blue eyes!

My dad (left) with his brothers and his mom.

And the whole family!


Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Your brothers and sister are so big! I didn't think they kept growing up!

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