Jun 9, 2008

Double Dates!

Last week was a social week for us! We had the opportunity to go on not one, but two, double dates with some of our good friends!

Wednesday night, our friends Beth and Dan got 10th row tickets to a Twins game and asked us to join them. This was amazing for me, because I have never sat closer than the nosebleed section at a Twins game, ever! What a difference it made! I could actually see who had the ball! The Twins played the Orioles, and won in the last inning. It was a great game, and of course Beth and I had a great time talking away during the game.

We also went on a double date with our friends Andy and Amanda on Thursday at one of our favorite restaurants - The Cheesecake Factory (and haven't been there in about a year). They have recently had their third daughter, so I know it was a lot more work for them to get the night off than it was for us! But it was so much fun to catch up over dinner and splitting the Mud Pie...yum!

Thanks, Beth & Dan and Andy & Amanda!


alan & steph flies said...

aww.. I wish we could go on a double date with you two! :(

Anonymous said...

Your chicken salad recipe sounds really good Nealy. I will have to try it. mom

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