May 17, 2008

Steph's Pick + Alan's Two Cents

Stephanie, my good friend in Phoenix, has started a weekly post on her blog called Steph's Picks, where she discusses some of her favorite finds and ideas. I just wanted to share this incase you are looking for a new blog to read; she updates it every Friday. Ideas she has had are photobooks from, panini makers, pregTASTIC (a podcast for pregnant women), and even sangria recipes!
Another reason to check out this blog is because her husband, Alan, posts weekly as well, and his are at the beginning of the week. Alan is in finance, and writes about financial advice (he shares how to save, and she shares how to spend...perfect match!). =) Alan's blog is called Alan's Two Cents, and is full of money-saving ideas such as saving a few cents when getting oil changes, postage, and grocery-shopping.



alan & steph flies said...

thanks for the plug!! We appreciate it! We'd love more readers :)

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