May 17, 2008

Rogan for Target

Target's next designer for their Go International collection is Rogan Gregory. It actually starts tomorrow in most Target stores and ends June 28th; the Edina Target store has already featured a preview of this line. Rogan is an American, NYC-based, eco-friendly designer. His collection at Target features a "beach-safari vibe" with organic swimsuits, t-shirts, dresses, and even jeans. Only $15 to $45 per item.
What I thought was really interesting about this is that the exclusive Barney's New York and Target have teamed up to launch the line. Barney's has been debuting a "mini Target" in their stores to sell the exact same collection that will be at our Target stores, and even at the same prices. It sold out right away. Cool, huh? Barney's stops selling the line May 19th, and then it will only be available at Target for six weeks.

Just thought you might want to know!


brianna gray said...

Score!! Thanks for the heads-up!!

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