Jun 21, 2009

Happy (first) Father's Day!

Happy (first) Father's Day, daddy! When I can talk, I will tell you that I love you so much, and that you are the best daddy in the whole wide world!

Love, Callie


The Chidisters said...

So cute! Hope Kyle enjoys his first Father's Day. The bottom, middle picture of Callie reminded me of Kylie for some reason - the way she is smiling or something. Anyway, very cute pictures - so happy!

Barb Bloom said...

Adorable! And you were able to catch those cute smiles. It was fun to see Callie in Ames on Saturday and watch her and Harper "play" together!

Elyse said...

I think Callie got Daddy's big mouth, don't you think? And Mommy's beautiful blue eyes. Wow, she gets prettier everyday. Nealy, your photography is awesome!!

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