Jun 6, 2012

Sweet Summer

Golly, I'm behind.

Not sure exactly how to catch up since, um, Easter, but here goes! So far, summer is good. Actually, it's been great. Our schedule has loosened up a bit. We've been doing a little bit of everything including...

1.) Time at the beach. We've been fishing, swimming, and stirring LOTS of buckets of sand (Clara). What better way is there to spend hot summer days?

1. Making a lot of these, one of our family's new favorites. We call it Egg in a Hole. Or a heart, if you're lucky. :)

3. I am loving Instagram. It's become a slight addiction. Thanks to snapwidget, I put it in my sidebar. So you can all see what we're up to when I'm not blogging (which is most of the time, sorry!). Feel free to find me, photographybynealy, if you want to stay updated with our daily life.

4. I decided this summer that I wanted to make ice cream. Lots of it. I considered getting this Kitchenaid attachment, and still would love to get it, but I found a recipe for Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, no ice cream machine needed. It's soooo good.

 A few friends have asked for the recipe, so here it is: combine 1 block cream cheese, 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1/3 c whipping cream, and 1 t vanilla in mixer. Once it's mixed, stick in freezer for 4 hours. Then remove, beat again until smooth. Add 1 c fresh, pureed strawberries and 1 graham cracker. Mix all together and throw it back in the freezer. Soooo good. Also yummy topped with mini chocolate chips! I might get crazy and experiment with some other flavors. I was thinking of substituting lime juice for the strawberries to make key lime pie. YUM!

5. Lunches on the go. After seeing this post on Pinterest (where just about all good ideas come from now-a-days), I found these cute little Rubbermaid LunchBlox at Target. I've been having fun assembling creative, make-ahead lunches for the girls. I bought quite a few of them so I can make many lunches at once, and have them ready for last-minute picnics at the park.

There you go! That's our summer so far. Thanks for reading!


Mary Timmers said...

Don't you absolutely LOVE summer? There is no other time like it! So fun to see the girls at the beach. Enjoy every minute, Sweetie!

Yana said...

Your pictures are great! What camera do you use?

Megan said...

You have such a precious family!


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