Apr 4, 2012

Easter Eggs + an Empty Tomb

Happy Easter!

It's almost here and we're dyeing eggs, deviling eggs, and filling plastic eggs. And maybe a few marshmallow bunnies have made their way into our shopping cart as well. I mean, isn't that what Easter is all about? :) 

The Easter Bunny has been busy stuffing her baskets. One favorite item she (he?) is bringing our girls is Melissa and Doug's Responsibility Chart. We could use a little more responsibility around here, so we'll see how it goes.  I think my favorite goal is STOP WHINING. :)

Magnetic Responsibility Chart - Chore Chart

We finally got out our resurrection eggs that we made last year. I'm a huge fan...it's such a neat way to be reminded of the Easter story. If you're interested in making your own, just click here to find my Resurrection Egg Instructions and printable. :) It's fun and pretty easy. Bring a friend or two or three.

Callie and I thought we would show you each day and what the egg holds. We made these ourselves, so some imagination may be required. Can you figure out what each item stands for??? This is a good quiz for adults and kids alike!

Happy Easter, y'all. We'll try to make a more regular appearance on the ol' blog. SO glad HE has risen!


Mary Timmers said...

Love the responsibility chart! Kids always respond to a visual, and one they can touch too! The resurrection eggs teach that truthful lesson, and the anticipation of the empty egg makes for excitement! And we should be excited about the empty tomb! Thanks, Nealy...

Steph said...

Love the new site design! :)

Yana said...
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Yana said...

I really love your Resurrection eggs idea. I've never really done the Easter egg thing because that is not what Easter is about. Thanks for the cool idea. HE has risen! :))

Kari at Pencarrow said...

Where would we be without our Savior!? Yes, He is risen! Thanks for your fabulous blog!

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