Jan 11, 2012

6 Holiday Memories from 2011 | #1 Clara's First Birthday Party Vintage Rainbows

I know it sounds cliche, but I can't believe my baby girl is one already! On one hand, I wanted to do a simple celebration with just family, since her actual birthday is so close to Christmas - December 28th. On the other hand, I kind of went all out for Callie's first birthday with a French Bakery Theme, Petit Boulangerie, and to just do a cake for Clara simply felt wrong. :)

So I decided on a compromise. A small party with a cake and a few decorations. Since there was a page in her baby book for a birthday invitation, I felt I just had to do invitations.  I found my inspiration on Hostess With The Mostess for a Rainbow Theme First Birthday Party. That party is absolutely amazing and perfect but my, I learned from Callie's first birthday party that it's more about the kids and having fun then it is about elaborate decorations and perfect pictures of every detail. In an ideal world, I would do a party exactly like that one. Seriously my heart skips a  beat when I look at those beautiful pictures! But I have to admit, it's easy to cross the line from being more about the mom than about the birthday girl. Besides, I didn't even have the energy to go there just a few weeks before Christmas. :)

So I threw something together for an official invite (front and back)...

And here are some pictures. Just a few details, if you would like to throw a "vintage rainbow" theme birthday party. 
  • I found rainbow ribbon at the fabric store and tied it on just about everything. 
  • I also bought some colorful candy to add as party favors for the aunts, uncles, and cousin. 
  • The labels are by Gartner Studios which I found at Michaels and stuck them on everything (designed the label/text on Photoshop). 
  • Rainbow balloons - balloons have to be the cheaper party decoration ever and kids love them!

 There you have it! Clara's First Birthday Party. Clara, we love you so much and you are such a wonderful addition to our family! I am so lucky to be your mom. :)


Kiley said...

Such a cute theme, Nealy! I've always wanted to do a rainbow themed party, maybe for my sweet 16 this year? (:

misc.alaina said...

Very cute party! And, Happy belated Birthday to Clara!! She is so pretty!

benilhalk said...

Many happy returns of the birthday to Clara. Decorations done by my friend at a sober party venue for her sister's illness recovery party was a great gesture. Her wellness was definitely important for all of us. Cookies and luncheon was all her favorite ones. And of course she got innumerable blessings from all.

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