Sep 29, 2011

Staying Creative..

Twenty-Nine Ways to Stay Creative. I found this on another photographer's blog. I find it quite inspiring, and thought some of you might as well. In fact, I set it as my desktop background.

I am a creative person. It took me way too many years to figure this out. In fact, now I even sort of refer to myself as an artist. Kind of cheesy, I know. But I feel that I finally can put use to the creative brain that God has given me. It's actually kind of changed my life! I never classified myself with "artsy people." I valued ambition more than creativity. Now that's changed. I not only allow myself to value creativity, but I find myself attracted to other people that are creative as well.

Did that even make sense?

A few weeks ago, I was feeling burnt out. I was working too much, too long, was way too busy, and feeling uninspired. One Sunday afternoon, I allowed myself an hour at the computer just to browse. I rarely do this anymore - most of my time at the computer is when I am working (emails/Facebook or editing).

I spent some time on Pinterest. And I found so many great, creative ideas that I just felt refreshed! {I think we should change it to 30 ideas to stay creative and add Pinterest.} ;) Sounds funny but it's true! Some great photography inspiration, crafty ideas to do with the kids, things to cook, and some cool interior design ideas. In fact, I am currently in the process of (trying to) making our guest room look like this:

Source: via Nealy on Pinterest

My current project is to make these headboards. I'm almost done- just adding the nailhead trim, which is not easy with two monkeys hovering around me. :) I'll show you pictures when I'm done. I'm not too sure about the mooseheads, however. :)

What about you? What inspires you to stay creative? Do you value that in yourself?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think you gotta do the deer heads :-)

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