Aug 10, 2011

Why I Haven't Blogged...

We've been enjoying summer and trying to stay off the computer when possible. :) The army of my family of 12 decided to visit the Clear Lake 4th of July Carnival. We took it by storm. ;)

Callie couldn't decide which ride she liked better - the little cars of pushing around Cici's umbrella stroller.

Yes, we're like an army when we go anywhere all together. The fun part is, we're expanding exponentially each year!

Funniest part of the night- I lost track of Callie for approximately 30 seconds, and we couldn't find her anywhere. Finally, we spotted her at the top of the stairs of the giant slide. I kid you not. She snuck past the ticket man with flying colors and was just about at the top of the steps.

We then took her down the slide, and here's the result... I think she may have missed a nap or something that day (at least I hope that's my excuse)!

Avery wasn't so sure about the giant slide either.

Aunt J~ isn't she a doll?  She just got back from a mission trip to Panama. Love her.

Aunt Kiley and Uncle Matt. Love them too. :)

Here's my sweetest doll ever. Love that face!


Kiley said...

love these pictures, they are all so beautiful! :]

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAH!!!! I love your blog!!! You have the cutest blog!

please visit all three of my blogs!

and my new fashion blog-

Misty said...

Nealy, it looks like you have definitely been enjoying family time! The photographs are spectacular!!!

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