May 25, 2011

This is How We Roll

Today we went to the park.  We took Callie's totally awesome Radio Flyer scooter.  It was a Christmas gift from two of her wonderful Aunts (she has four amazing Aunts that buy her LOTS of cute stuff!).

Do you ever go thrifting? That's not even a real word apparently, but I have been the last few days and I have to admit I am pretty proud of my findings! Thrift stores don't exactly have the best shopping atmosphere (I always try to remember my hand sanitizer!), but it sure is hard to pass up things like 1) Callie's blue skirt and 2) her pink shirt, for about $3 a piece!  I found about 5 super cute summer dresses for Callie for next to nothing. I'm not ashamed (obviously or I wouldn't announce it on my blog).  :)

I also bought 5 new plastic bins from Target this morning and have been re-organizing all of the girls' clothes.  I'm sure just about every mom does once or twice a year, and it sure does bring to surface all sorts of emotions.  The seasons are changing. My kids are growing.  Will I have another girl and use these all again?  Or will Clara be our last girl and will we start over with blue?

A growing she is.  She's getting, like, tall.  I wish I had a dime for every time someone commented on her curly hair (it's finally getting long!). Or her attitude.  ;)

There must be something magical about our carseat, because Clara falls asleep in it almost instantly! Love that!

I tested my craftiness again and tried sewing little cookie pockets with waxed paper (like the picture I pinned on Pinterest).   They turned out okay but I realized after I made the cookies, frosted them (added lemon zest and lemon juice), cut and folded the waxed paper, got my sewing machine out, and sewed the pockets... I had spent way too much time.  Worth it? Probably not, but at least I have these pictures to show! :)


Kiley said...

love that skirt! those cookies were really good, too! :) I miss these girls! Hope I can babysit for them soon, I've been so busy lately. I was bummed yesterday didn't work out!

Hanni said...

What thrift store did you go to? I live in the twin cities too and love to thrift.

Barb Bloom said...

Great pictures. I love Callie's hair. Where did she get those curls? Definitely not from her daddy!! Two sweet little girls.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you finally posted a picture of your stroller in action. I showed Jim and think I finally have him convinced it's worth the price tag. Now if we can just figure out how to subtly hint it would make a good gift... ;-)

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