Jan 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • I am having so much fun taking pictures of Clara. Newborn pictures are some of my favorites, so you can find me about once a day stripping her clothes and diaper and taking lots of pictures.  The best time for newborn pics is the first ten days, so I've been trying to make the most of it!  
  • Thanks to my mother-in-law, who's been helping out this week, the adjustment from one to two has gone much better than I anticipated!  Callie's been having lots of fun with grandma, and I haven't lifted a finger around the house!
  • SO FAR Clara has been an easy baby.  She sleeps all the time are rarely cries.  At night when she wants to eat, she makes little grunts and sounds instead of crying.  Maybe we got lucky?  I guess we'll see!  I guess I shouldn't speak too soon! :)
  • SO FAR, Callie has not been so easy.  I guess the combination of just having Christmas, grandparents have been in town, just started her "terrible twos," and throw a new sister in there, and she's a little out of sorts {aka, attitude}.  I keep reminding myself that this is probably a bigger adjustment for HER than it is for US.  
  • Kyle went back to work on Monday.  He has a busy month at work with a lot going on. I'm a little sad our "first week at home" is over.
  • When I was pregnant with Clara, part of me was a little afraid I wouldn't love the next child as much as I love Callie.  I just couldn't imagine another baby being the center of my universe and loving her the same.  Boy, was I wrong... She's just perfect and we love her SO much!
  • Callie has somehow turned into miss vocabulary.  She's talking in full-out sentences.  Oh, and she is starting to recognize letters {like the letter C for Callie and for Clara...I was putting up Clara's "wall letters" a few weeks ago and Callie said "C!" when she saw me holding it.  I was pretty impressed!
  • Clara loves to cuddle.  We got her this blanket and oh my goodness, she just loves being wrapped up in it and she LOVES to sleep right next to or on top of one of us.
  • My sweet baby stinks!  She's clean, but her umbilical cord is still attached and is starting to smell...yuck!  Anyone know how to fix this?


The Chidisters said...

She is beautiful Nealy! Congratulations - the adjustment to two takes some time but it sounds like things are going pretty well. Callie will adjust too - we found that one on one time with Abbie really helped her adjust to having Olivia around. Just enjoy every moment because it goes even faster the second time around. Congrats again!

nick&abby said...

she is so sweet! I'd get the cord checked out...smelliness can mean infection...or sometimes they just smell :) But it never hurts to have the Dr. check it out

Katie Schmidt said...

So cute! Loved the pics! Britta's cord was stinky too! What a terrible smell! I called my nurse and asked about it and they said that was pretty normal and if you think about it- it's dead flesh, so it makes sense that it would smell (Sorry- gross but true!)... Hers fell off within the first 3 days so hopefully the smell won't last too long!!

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