Jan 13, 2011

Another Birthday is Coming...

Someone will be two!  Of course we have to have a little party (just family this year).  Now I don't think I will be able to compete with last year's Petit Boulangerie, but I do want to do something special that she will enjoy and remember (from the pictures I guess).

I'm thinking about making Bakerella's cakepops...

Has anyone made these before?  How did they turn out?  Any suggestions?


Katie Schmidt said...

I've made them! They are DELICIOUS!! There are alot of tips that I have though to actually make them turn out b/c they were a little tedious and Bakerella makes it look alot easier than it actually is! Give me a call if you really want to do them and I can give you some tips!

Sophia Makes Three said...

Hi! I've made them and they are super good and a big hit, but they take a WHILE to make! Worth it though! :)

Brenda from CA said...

The cake pops are not too difficult, but I did buy the book to get all of Bakerella's tips.
1) Yellow cake and white frosting with milk chocolate coating is delicious! So are funfetti with appropriate colors to match your party.
2) Make the cake ahead of time so it cools completely
3)Don't use all of the frosting in the container. Use just enough so the ball comes together
4) Use a food processor to make the cake crumbs 5)Make the cake balls one night and put on cookie sheets and cover
6) Take out about 15-20 cake balls from the fridge at a time because that's about how much coating to melt and the balls need to stay cold
7) Melt the coating 30 seconds at a time and stir between. When the coating has some unmelted ones, just stop and keep on stirring. If you put it in the microwave the coating gets overcooked and hard to work with
8) When dipping, dip the stick in a little coating THEN into the ball.
9) Dunk the ball completely into the coating then twirl and bring it up
10) Make sure to tap GENTLY to get the excess coating off or it will drip down the stick. BE PATIENT!
11) Get a floral foam and decorate with paper and ribbons for display(Easy) Make sure it is at least 2 inches thick so they don't fall over. Or see if someone will make you a beautiful wood one. Pre-poke holes for the sticks BEFORE dipping so that you can just place them in.
12) Allow a lot of time for coating. I did about
110 for a wedding and it took about 3 &
half hours to coat because of wait time for
melting and making sure the balls stay cold.
13) Avoid freezing them because then your coating will crack as it cools off.
14) Sprinkles are awesome on these for a little crunch as well as some crushed cookies, etc.
Good Luck and post pics after the party!

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