Dec 28, 2010

Still Waiting...

I've been trying to keep friends and family updated on Facebook about our "baby status," but I just realized if you aren't on Facebook, you might be wondering if our baby is here yet!  And as you can probably tell by the title of this post, we're still waiting!

I would consider that I technically have three different "due dates."  The original date was December 25th, according to the standard calculators.  However, the midwives that I go to for my prenatal care add a few extra days, so according to them, my "due date" is was December 27th.  And the most recent ultrasound we had in November predicted December 26th.  So that's the date I've been going with.  And today is December 28th so she's missed all three of those dates.

Here are a few of those ultrasound pictures of the little munchkin...see any resemblance?  ;)

The third picture here and what is circled is our re-confirmed proof that we're indeed having a girl.  For much of this pregnancy I just felt "boy" for some reason.  Obviously my intuition was wrong!  We're happy to have two girls in a row and think Callie will just love having a sister so close in age.  But I needed a little second confirmation just to shake the "boy" feeling.  :)

In a few ways this pregnancy has been easier, but it's also been much more difficult than my first.  It's been easier in the sense that I haven't had much of the annoying symptoms that I did with Callie such as heartburn, leg cramping, rib/sternum pain, low back pain, and all of those strange symptoms (which is nice to not have to deal with so much).  However, it's been more difficult than my first pregnancy overall because I have been so. darn. tired.  In fact, I don't think I've ever been this consistently tired for this amount of time ever in my life!  Although she's a great sleeper, Callie went through so many periods of waking up in the wee early hours of the morning (5-6am) for much of this pregnancy, or I went through periods of insomnia, and of course I haven't taken quite as many naps as I did when I was pregnant with Callie. I've also been busier with other things I've enjoyed doing like house projects, this, and taking care of a toddler all day of course.

I did have a funny craving this pregnancy however.  For this.

Seriously, a glass of ice cubes have never been so appetizing in my life!  At Thanksgiving I mentioned this to my mom and she said she had the exact same craving when she was pregnant!  So I Googled it to see if others have had that craving as well, and found out that craving ice during pregnancy is actually a symptom of pica, which is caused from anemia or low iron levels (but don't worry, I didn't crave anything super weird like laundry detergent, coffee grounds, or dirt!).  My hemoglobin levels were checked at my next prenatal appointment and Google was right, I had low iron levels which cause my craving for chewing ice {and I realized that my yummy gummy prenatal vitamins don't have iron at all which is a bummer but also is what explains it}.

Oh, and side effects of low iron are feeling tired, shortness of breath, and unusual food cravings and I had all three of those.  So that might explain part of my tiredness this pregnancy (I did start to feel better once I started taking iron supplements too).

Well, that  may be a little more information than you may have wanted if you were just wondering whether or not the baby has been born yet.  :)  I'll try my best to update the blog/facebook if there are any signs of anything exciting!  Hopefully soon...thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!



Kiley said...

poor you Nealy! I'm sorry your overdue....hoping for a baby soon <3

Desi Thompson said...

I craved ice too... and that's exactly what my nurse said when she brought me some in the hospital. oops.
also, jorie is now hooked too... everytime i grab a glass... "ice, ice, ice" so cute!! hope you're feeling well.

Sophia Makes Three said...

So glad to have a detailed update!! I've been thinking of you SO much and wondering all the time! We can't wait to hear the news of the newest Lanzen girl and her name!! :)

Not a bad craving to have though - no calorie damage like ice cream would give you!

The Chidisters said...

So glad you posted this. I just thought my cravings when I was pregnant w/ Olivia were a little strange - crushed ice, Pepsi (which I normally don't drink) and baked potatoes. Glad you did the research for me about the ice. So crazy! Keep hanging in there!

peter marie said...

Looking forward to hearing the news!!

I craved ice so badly the last few months with Harper and bought bags and bags of a particular ice that I liked. It went away about a week after I had her. And I also chipped a tooth. :)

wright said...

So funny that we both wrote posts like this the day we went into labor. Again, we are so happy for you and excited to meet Clara

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