Dec 8, 2010

Snow Bunny

Here's our little snow bunny, all ready to go on her first sledding adventure!  Daddy really can't wait to take her skiing, but we thought we would start with a little sledding first. :)

We got her all bundled up!

Our back yard just happens to have a perfect hill for sledding (but now so perfect for mowing).  It's a little steep, but because the snow was so deep the sled didn't go too fast.  Here's her first reaction to the snow...she wanted mom to pick her up.

But then she learned fast to block her face from getting snow in it.

We're considering her little snow outfit as an early Christmas present {coatsnowpantshat-of all places, boots-but found at a thrift store for $23 less!}.

It was a gorgeous day, a little cold, but perfect for sledding!

And here's one last picture before she went down all by herself (I had already brought the camera inside)!  

And then of course we went inside for some hot chocolate.  It was a successful day!


Holmfamily said...

i always enjoy reading your blog nealy! you are so great at capturing memories! i remember my first time siblings and i went down the hill in laundry baskets...super fun!

Steph said...

I LOVE the hat!! I've gotta go to Claire's and find one for Nora. It's just way too cute. Just afraid they may not be in AZ... you know, we don't get too much snow (wink, wink)

Kiley said...

ah how adorable! :D she's so cute <3 love your new blog design by the way!

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