Nov 20, 2010

jeans, jeans...

If you like designer jeans but don't necessarily like the price, you might be interested to hear that William Rast is going to be Target's next designer.  They will have a line of men's and woman's jeans {and clothing} at Target, starting December 19th.  Designed by Justin Timberlake and probably made famous by stars like Jessica Simpson, they originally cost around $155-$185 per pair, and I'm guessing Target's version will be under $50-60?

I haven't seen the Rast-for-Target jeans yet, but I used to own a pair of the originals and I have to say they have an amazing fit.  Make sure to get a pair for your man for Christmas too, because "inside sources" tell me that the men's jeans especially will be just like the original.  :)

I must warn you though...once you try a pair of designer jeans, you will never go back. :)


Suzanne said...

Really? I am excited!

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