Oct 9, 2010

Favorite Things

Suzanne at So Stinking Cute tagged me for a "favorite things" quiz.  I answer eight questions and then tag some other bloggers to do the same.  Here goes...

1.  Favorite Flower I have three, just in case you all ever want to bring me some. ;)  Pink peonies, white hydrangeas, and sunflowers {hint, hint, honey!}.

2.  Favorite Color Combination Black and brown, at least in fashion, believe it or not.  I love the look of brown leather paired with black.  Maybe that's just because it makes my life easier and I don't have to buy two of everything?  I no longer buy black leather and just wear my black clothes with brown!  Think a pair of brown boots and belt w/ a black dress. Or black leggings with brown shoes. It's cute, trust me. Is anyone with me here?  Just don't do dark brown with black; it has to be light-to-medium brown.  Here's an example, thanks to LC.

3.  Favorite Celebrity Couple Jake and Vienna?!?!  Bristol and Levi?  ;)  Oh wait, they're over. What was I thinking (I hope you note the sarcasm)?

4.  Your Theme Song  Kind of random, but I love Wouldn't It Be Nice by the Beach Boys.  Puts me in a good mood every time.

5.  Favorite "I had a terrible day" Food  I absolutely love donuts!  Especially ones with powdered sugar or sprinkles.  My husband makes fun of me because it's kind of a stereotypical junk food.  Mmmm... I also LOVE good macaroni and cheese.

6.  Lipstick or lipgloss  Plumping lipgloss.  It works, just ask Callie the day she got into my purse.  :)

7.  Favorite Magazine  Lately I'm loving Martha Stewart Living.  I love the creative holiday ideas, recipes, and homemaking tips.  Have you read her recent article about her top 50 kitchen tips?

8.  Favorite Thing About Fall I love just the feel of fall. Changing leaves. Pumpkin everything.  Holidays around the corner.  I also love getting out my fall wardrobe (minus when it's all maternity). I recently replaced my "Uggs" with these.  They make me feel indestructible.

Now I will tag...

Steph at Flies Blend...a cute blog with great "what's cool" tips and ideas
Kristy at KiKi's Crowd...a humorous dose of the reality of motherhood
Kiley at Our Minnesota Family...my beautiful sis!
Beth at Sophia Makes Three...have you seen pictures from her daughter's first birthday?

Okay, have fun!


Suzanne said...

Super cute....all really good ideas! I am gonna read the kitchen article and keep the brown/black combo in mind! thanks for playin!

Christy said...

just wanted to let you know that i bought a pair of brown boots today...and am contemplating wearing them with a black dress on valentine's day. would never have thought of it until you suggested it...i'm now searching for a nice belt or something to pull it together! :)

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