Sep 12, 2010

Same and Different

What do you think about matching sisters?  I got the girls their first matching outfits, these strawberry pintucked tops from our favorite store.  I'm excited to have two little girls.  They will be less than two years apart, so they may even share the same friends.  They'll probably be best friends too {hopefully, at times}.

However, things have been quite different already than when we were at this point with Callie.

  • We don't really have a name yet.  With Callie, we "just knew" the name was right quite early on.  
  • I haven't even looked at double strollers, at all.  By this time with Callie, I had researched and tested just about every stroller in the universe.
  • I haven't started yet on the baby's room, but I think we're going to use Callie's room for the baby and move Callie to a new room with a "big girl" bed.  At least that decision has been made!
  •  I've only looked at our ultrasound pictures a few times.  I stared and stared at Callie's little pictures a million times.
  • Belly bump pictures?  What belly bump pictures?

Reading back through what I just wrote, I almost feel guilty for admitting these things!  Obviously, I love this baby just as much as Callie.  But I've been much busier this pregnancy, and also much more tired so I get fewer things done in a day {since I definitely don't sleep until 9am anymore}.  I don't have time to just sit around and read baby gear reviews, daydream about snuggling with a little newborn, or anything like that.

Quite a few people have asked me if I think Callie understands that we're having a baby.  I wasn't sure until last week when she really surprised me.

We were reading the Big Sister Book {thanks S}and I pointed out the pictures on the page and said "mommy, daddy, Callie, and the baby!"  She then leaned over to me at pulled up my shirt, patted my tummy, and said "baby."

This really surprised me that she put two and two together.  Maybe she's understanding things more than we think she is.  However, I think she still will be very surprised when we bring her little sister home from the hospital!


Carrie said...

I think the matching shirts are adorable. I'm sure it will be so fun to have girls so close in age. And don't worry I don't think the baby will be too concerned with how much time you put into planning everything! Just rest up because I'm sure becoming a family of four will take a lot of energy!

Ashley said...

I think a few matching outfits are a must for sisters. Beyond a couple, maybe coordinating is the best, but a couple matching are great :o).

Lets face it, you have a toddler running around. That can definitely make being 100% concentrated on your pregnancy impossible!! I'm sure you will get everything worked out before this new baby girl arrives.

As a sidenote, maybe I'm the only one, but I can't read anything that you have attached a link to until I scroll over it. Like your links are white or something. Maybe your blog just isn't showing up correctly on my screen, I'm not sure!

Kiki said...

I buy my 3 boys matching shirts! They love it. I like matching siblings. What do you think about mommy/daughter matching? I can't decide.

It does get harder to prepare for a new baby, the more you have. But, you are already a lot more prepared because you've already had one!

You will be such a great mom to two girls!

Deadra said...

Did you see Bugaboo announced their double stroller "donkey" for release in April? :)

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