Sep 29, 2010

Dear Carolyn~

A friend recently brought this article to my attention (thanks Misty!).  Somehow it hit home...and somehow made me feel better about the lack of things I get done in a day yet how much stress I can feel while getting so little done!  ;)

Having been a friend without kids to people with kids, I can kind of relate to "Tacoma."  It's hard to understand just how demanding being a mother (or parent) is unless you've been there yourself.  And it's easy to get your feelings hurt when a friend stops calling or puts you on the back burner (as I think happened to this reader).

However, after being a mom you realize just how many things you are responsible for.  Trivial things, like putting away your toys when you're done with them, making sure little teeth are brushed, and that at least some fresh fruits and vegetables are eaten throughout the day.  As well as the important things like teaching manners, about God, and holding hands before crossing the street.  And I love how she mentions not pulling all the books off the shelf...I can sure relate to that!  But to us parents who are currently in "kid-land," it's a good reminder to make time for the other people in our life as well.  


Karen said...

A friend and I just had a conversation on the same topic! Thanks for sharing!

Ariel said...

I loved this article! I'm a 23 year old newly wed, and hubby and I have many friends with ans without kids. I think life in general is about need your friends and you need to be the best friend and parent you can be to your child or children. We are not planning on kids for a few more years, but this really hits home! Adore your blog and love when google reader tells me there's an update!

Misty said...

Yes, obviously I loved this too! I remember being on both sides of this fence. It is one of the reasons that I like to help out my friends who have younger children. It's tough for moms to find time for themselves (plus, I really love their adorable younger children).

nick&abby said...

I'm thinking "amen!" the whole time I'm reading that. It's hard too when the times that work for child-free friends are late night and that's when baby goes to bed or it's way past your bedtime too :)
It takes alot of work, but finding time to be with friends is so worth it

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