Aug 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

-I am so thankful for my mom.  She stayed with us for a few days last week and was SO much help.  She not only helped take care of Callie, but cleaned my house, did my laundry, and even scrubbed my pans with this (it took off the black film that I thought would be permanent).  Aren't they pretty?

-I have this strange feeling in the back of my mind that my life's going to end when I have this baby.  Not end, literally, but everything I am currently doing will change. I feel a little panicked to get everything done that I possibly can NOW before I have #2.  I know this is crazy, and I have to remind myself that I have friends with FOUR kids that still get stuff done.  :)   But I still can't shake this feeling of a time-bomb going off around December 26th.

-If you like sparkly things, you will love this website. A friend with a fun blog recently started a new biz. Very cute (and great pics of her if I do say so myself).  ;)

-We've got 5 days now without a kitchen sink or countertops.  This is because our new carrara marble countertops were just installed this morning.  They are so classic and beautiful and I think I made the right decision. We'll see how I feel in a few months though, because they are supposed to be a little more high maintenance than granite (ie, do NOT drip vinegar or lemon juice on them, or any household cleaners!).  Does anyone reading this have any experience with marble kitchen countertops???

-I got to spend much of yesterday with Savannah and her mom. She was doing okay yesterday morning, but she is now sick and getting weaker and weaker.  She is being kept in the hospital until her surgery tomorrow.  I have faith that God and the doctors will heal her, but it is hard to see such a little baby that is so sick.

-I still can't find my watch.  I'm totally bummed that it's gone.  I know that's a pretty trivial thing, especially compared with what I just wrote about, but I'm still bummed I lost it.

-Callie and I are off to the park.  I've spent way too much time at the computer today (ie, photo editing, my new life) and I need to do something FUN with her!


Sophia Makes Three said...

I LOVE Easy Off! It cleans ANYTHING - I hope you got the fume-free one though, because the other version made me feel light-headed! :) I can't wait to see your countertops!

chevysmith said...

what program are you using for editing?

Suzanne said...

Nice, thanks for the plug girlie!

Ok, about the moving to two kids...its a lot tougher than 1 for sure, but you have a good age difference between the two and having an older girl helps a ton! Boys aren't as interested in babies! You will be fine, get your nesting done and its gonna be winter when she comes, so you can cuddle all winter and you will be happy to have an older baby when the weather is nice again! I might just come steal Callie for the day when you have the new would be good for all!

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