Aug 4, 2010


I've been craving lots of cheese lately!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks...  Some of my favorites?

The Laughing Cow, I love this stuff. 

Boursin...expensive, but my absolute favorite cheese in the whole world (thank you to Kyle's family for introducing it to me when they were in France). cute and so good - come to think of it, I think Kyle's family introduced this cheese to me too!

Feta cheese.  Salads just aren't the same without it.

And these.  Although they aren't cheese, we've been going through them pretty quickly (Callie loves them too, how funny is that?).

Some favorite recipes with cheese?  Caprese salad, flaming Greek saganaki, homemade mac and cheese, and Giada's Santorini Warm Country Feta


Nikki said...

Now that I know you are craving cheese, I'm going to guess that you are having a boy.

peter marie said...

I was going to say the same...I for sure think boy now! :) With Henry I craved salty, spicy and mexican. Harper was sweets, sweets, sweets!

We love boursin too. So yummy.

Kiley said...

oh my goodness. Laughing cow cheese is so good, I eat it with wheat thins :)

Nicole Bowers said...

If you're craving pickles, you MUST try "Bubby's" pickles! I love dill pickles, but in that brand the bread/butter ones are the only way to go. Best to snack on! Very crunchy and full of flavor. The sell them at Byerly's and some Cub Foods.

Adriana said...

have you ever had Grillos pickles??? check them out here:
my husband got them for me when i was pregnant...they are insanely good. they make italian style and hot pickles...heaven i tell you!!!

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