Jul 1, 2010

My Parent's House: Cribs Edition :)

Here it is...a sneak peak at my parent's house they recently built. 

My favorite room is the kitchen.  I love the lights above the island.  And, you may see in the picture below, they have a refrigerator-sized fridge and refrigerator-sized freezer, side-by size.  How nice would that be?

 The dining room's a little funky (you may notice a theme throughout the house, black and white)...

 The munchkin even has a white high chair!

Check out the moosehead below, above the TV/Fireplace.  Pretty cool, huh?  She found it at Pottery Barn Teen. :)

The master bedroom...all in white.

The master bath has a great glass walk-in shower.

And the coolest part (I think I get to take a little bit of credit for the idea, right mom)?  A big chandelier in the master closet.  So fun!

The powder room has some fun black-and-white stripes. 
And the laundry room...

There you go! Gotta love black and white. 

I forgot a picture of the black couch and main family room where the TV/fireplace/moose head is.  Mom, do you have a picture you can email me?


Adriana said...

beautiful. i love how it is very stark with the black and white theme but it still has a cozy, homey feel to it.

Juliet Mock said...

Oh my gosh! So beautiful! I see where you get your love for white kitchens! :)

They should have their home photographed for a decor magazine or just submit your wonderful pictures!

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