Jul 8, 2010

Here and There

Thought you might like to see a few fabulous phone shots from here and there.  First, we visited daddy at work last week.  She was a big hit. 

You may notice that he has a small "shrine to Callie" on his desk and computer desktop.  :)  She thought it was pretty cool to see so many pictures of herself in one place.  She said, "baby! baby!"  Kyle informed me that I really need to print off some more recent pictures...the ones he has are way outdated. That sure happens fast with a one-year-old!

If you don't already know, you may be able to tell which company my hubby works at by the "toys" on top of his file cabinet (see below).  These are little mascots that everyone who works there collects.  I didn't realize this and threw one of the first ones he got in the garbage.  Oops!  Oh, do you recognize that shopping cart?  Does anyone know the dog's name?

And here we are, out shopping with one of those famous shopping carts!

Today Callie and I went to Trader Joe's. As we were about to leave, I realized it was almost lunch time.  So we stopped at Lake Calhoun and had a spontaneous picnic with Callie, me, and her baby.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a bench in the shade, so we didn't stay too long. 

Callie had her first boat ride of the season this past weekend.  I of course didn't want to bring my camera on the boat, so my droid did just as well. 

We watched daddy wakeboard, which was pretty cool.  Sorry honey, I didn't get a picture of you getting any "air."  :)

Me and my cute lil' sister...she's 16!  Ja, I love your new shades.  ;)  Me in my cool hat, trying not to get too much sun on my face.  I think I need a bigger hat. :)

Cal on the boat with her Snoopy lifejacket...can you believe it used to fit the girl in the above picture (not me)???

So there are times when I don't have my fancy camera, but a cell phone doesn't do too bad!


Nickie said...

Oh my your husband works for TARGET! I love that place :) Isn't the dogs name Bullseye? He is a Bull Terrier. Your little girl is so cute. I love reading your blog, not sure how I stumbled across it but it is great :)

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