Jun 2, 2010

What a Weekend!

We kicked off the summer with an awesome weekend at the lake for Memorial Day.  Long weekends are just the best.  I love it when Sunday morning rolls around, and then you realize everyone has one more night! 

As always, we had some great food.  We started out the weekend at our favorite Mexican restaurant - luckily they had a table for 10 plus 2 babies available!  We also did a lot of grilling, and had some yummy breakfasts (german pancakes with strawberries, goat cheese scrambled eggs on toast - my favorite, and Challah French Toast Casserole).  Lots of laughs and great memories around the dinner table. 

We also took lots of naps and just lounged around.  Excuse the messy hair - I think I may have just gotten up from a nap myself!

We also had fun in the sun, something I have been thinking about doing all winter!  Callie and grandma made a few castles in the sand.  :)

Is it even possible that she get any cuter?  And don't you love her little romper?  It was a present from Aunt Kiley.  So stylish!

We also did a little family floating... I just bought this floaty for Callie at Target.  She loved the water!  I thought she might be afraid, but she had no fear at all! 

And more sand castles with dad...

Someone forgot to bring along the swim diapers.  Oops!

And there were some beautiful sunsets.

Unfortunately, the weekend had to end.  And it didn't end so well.  On the drive home, my brother and his girlfriend were in a really bad car accident on the interstate.  We were almost home, and I got a call from my mom saying they were life-flighting my brother to the hospital in Des Moines - he had a head injury and possibly a broken shoulder, and who knew what else.  Lena was being taken to another, closer hospital.   Needless to say, we were all super worried and on our knees in prayer for Brady and Lena.  It was such a strange feeling hearing the news about their accident since we were just with them a few hours before, and I had just taken their pictures that morning too. I think the longest hour or two of my life was when we were waiting to hear more information about their conditions.  I guess when you hear car accident + head injury, it's easy to assume the worst.

Miraculously, and I do not say that lightly, they are both going to be okay.  Thank you to so many friends, friends of friends, and family for your prayers...they were answered!  God truly spared their lives...it will be a somewhat long and painful recovery, but they will both be okay.  Brady's shoulder was dislocated (not broken thankfully), and he got a major gash to the head (he said he was picking pieces of his hair out of the windshield).  Lena was on the other side of the car so she had some cuts and bruises.  Things could have been much, much worse...thanks to God for keeping them safe, and thank you all for praying for them. 

One last thing I forgot to mention. We got to see baby Avery this weekend!

Callie just loves having a cousin.  She loves to give the baby LOTS of kisses. 

And lots of hugs...watch out!
We're glad she's such a great big cousin, because she's going to be a big sister!!!!  :)


Laura said...

What?!? Big sister!!! Congratulations!!!!! When are you due?

peter marie said...

Glad your brother is okay. Sounds scary!

Those pictures of Callie kissing and hugging her cousin are SO adorable.

And congrats!! Can't wait to hear all the due date details. Hope you've been feeling okay!!

Nate and Natalie said...

Congrats you guys! That's super exciting news and we are very excited for you both. When is the due date and are you going to find out the gender? Look forward to hearing more soon.

Kiley said...

Congrats on number two! :) Can't wait to meet him or her.

Jessica said...

Wow! #2 on the way. You and Kyle will be busy! Congrats!

Sarah said...

YAY!!! Nealy! Congratulations on baby number two!! So dag gum excited!!!

The Chidisters said...

So glad your brother is ok. And CONGRATS!!! Way to just throw that news in at the end of the post - totally took me by suprise! =)

Kiki said...

What a sly way to announce that! Congratulations! We're so excited for you guys!

I'm so glad Brady and Lena are okay.

As always, beautiful pictures!

chevysmith said...

Congratulations again!

Holmfamily said...

Praise the Lord that Brady and Lena are going to be ok! Praise the Lord!

Love your pictures that you took over the weekend, you definitely captured some treasures!

Congratulations again on baby #2! Please let me know if you would like any help with Callie to get some extra rest! Would love to help you out!

Christy said...

Heard from Kiley about your bro and Lena, so we've been praying. SO glad to hear they are okay. And CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So excited for #2. :)

Lindsay said...

Nealy, that is awesome, congrats!! I can't believe you're having #2 and I haven't even gotten to meet #1 yet!!

Juliet Mock said...

So glad your brother and Lena are going to be ok. I was so worried when I read your FB post and prayed and prayed and prayed.

I love your pictures. Reminds me of a cabin we had in northern Wisconsin growning up. Great sunset pic!

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