Apr 23, 2010

Callie's Favorite Things...Meal Time Edition

Is meal time as crazy around your house as it is at mine?  Every meal has turned into a battle...Will she eat her vegetables?  (no.)  Will she throw all of her food on the floor?  (yes.)  Will I give in and give her what she wants?  (sometimes.)

Here are a few baby items that we have found super helpful at mealtime.  Don't you just love a great invention?

1. { Munchkin's Stainless Steel Straw Cup }We actually just got this yesterday at Target at Callie's already loving it.  Since our transition from bottles to cups hasn't been too easy, Amanda mentioned she might like a straw cup instead of the classic sippy cup.  She was right, Callie likes it!  And the best part is, it's insulated. 

2.  { Foogo by Thermos leak-proof sippy cup with handles } Another great invention because it's insulated.  It seems we're always bringing milk on the go, and an insulated one would be great for long car trips or day trips in the summer so milk won't spoil. 

3.  {KALAS 18-pc cutlery set by Ikea.}  A friend recently recommended this to me.  Don't you just love Ikea's prices?  At only $1.99 for the set, they are probably cheaper than disposable cutlery!  I think I'm going to get this.  While I'm there, I'll get the plates as well. 

4.  {Baby Bjorn soft bib}    Wipeable bibs have changed our lives laundry habits. These are so great because they just rinse clean and can even be thrown in the dishwasher (we also like the Kiddopotamus one).  The best thing about them?  Well since Callie's stroller doesn't have a snack tray, I just put on her bib and fill in with food like cheerios, clementines, etc.  Then she can reach for them herself and doesn't have to ask for more. So nice!  

5.  { Boon Squirt Baby Food Spoon } We got this as a present from a friend and I think it's such a great idea!  Not only is it easy to feed a young baby, but now Callie can feed herself, without the mess!  I have seen them in baby boutiques and I think Target sells them now too. 

6.  { Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder } So probably every mom already knows about this one, but I had to list it.  This was sooo great when Callie was getting her front teeth in.  I bought a big bag of frozen mango pieces and she would chew/suck on them in this mesh feeder. 

7.  { Babycubes } The last item on my list is something I found at Babies R Us.  Because we made our own baby food, these were handy to take food on-the-go.  I would make a bunch of sweet pototoes, for insatnce, then fill the babycubes and freeze.  So easy for on-the-go (or just at home).  Similar to ice-cube trays, but easier to take with.  They are BPA-free, too!

nealy (& callie)


The Chidisters said...

I always love hearing things that other mothers suggest. We also used a straw cup when Abbie was transitioning from a bottle and it worked great. Quick question about the baby cubes - did they leak at all? I am using ice cube trays but then I still have to pop them out and put them in bags, etc, etc. It would be so much nice to freeze them and leave them in the container they are in. I don't know that I have looked at that specific brand but several others I have read about had complaints from moms that they leaked. So I thought I would check with you. Also, thanks for getting back to me on the background thing. I will play with it again when I get time and let you know.

Christy said...

we also love IKEA tableware! we have the cutlery, plates, bowls, and cups, and they all get used multiple times a day. and the bjorn bibs...we don't leave home without one. :)

Juliet Mock said...

Oh, I need to get the IKEA plates (and bowls anc cups) now!

Heidi said...

My son didn't take to the sippy cup either so we tryed the straw and he loves it!

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