Mar 17, 2010


Did you wear green today?

I did!  Not Callie though...I couldn't find one green thing in her closet!  Just various shades of pink and a little blue. 

Tonight we had corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

And tonight after dinner was supposed to be a relaxing night.  Kyle's at basketball (he's a "sub" almost every week) and Callie is supposed to be in bed...but she was crying in her crib, and I was afraid she was hungry, so she's up with me eating peanut butter by the spoonful and milk.

We had her 12-month check-up today (although she's 14 months).  She's super healthy and doing great.  However, her weight is a little low - 19lbs 9oz.  I guess that explains why she's still wearing her 6-12 month clothing (we're definitely getting our money's worth from those clothes!).  And she's still in her infant carrier too. 

Hence the peanut butter tonight.  I just love our pediatrician, she's a mom herself and always gives really great advice.  And the reason (we think) for Callie's lower weight?  Snacking.  She snacks too much.  I've learned to not leave the house without a bagful of snacks (clementines, string cheese, crackers, cheerios, and raisins).  It keeps her good and keeps me sane when we are out in public.  However, she's been filling up on snacks and not eating enough at mealtime.  I feel like I am constantly giving her food, so I'm surprised she's not fat actually.  :) So somehow she's under weight...not a serious problem, but we do want her to be a healthy weight of course.

So we're taking doctor's advice and are going to try feeding her three solid meals a day, starting tomorrow.  Of course I will give her food if she's absolutely starving (like tonight), but I'm going to stop buying so many snacks and try to encourage her to eat more meals.

Here is a picture of Kyle while we were in Dublin...

And here is a picture of an actual meal we had there (probably more authentic than mine, but tasted pretty much the same).

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  You might find this interesting...these are the words on St. Patrick's breastplate.  I guess the holiday isn't all about food and drink. 

Christ be with me, Christ within me, Christ behind me,
Christ before me, Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort me and restore me, Christ beneath me,
Christ above me, Christ in the hearts of all that love me,
Christ in the mouth of friend and stranger. 

P.S. We got engaged 7 years ago today!


peter marie said...

We just had Harper's one year and she's only 18 lbs!! That makes sense about the snacking...she does a lot of that too. Thanks for the tip. We'll have to try it tomorrow!

Claire said...

Nealy! I just started reading your blog about 1 week ago and love it! Funny thing is, I had no idea you lived in the Twin Cities! I live in Minnetonka! It's awesome to see what a strong Christian woman you are and to read that in your posts, + all of your awesome recipes! Thanks for inspiring me to be more creative around my place!
Claire Sweem

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