Feb 14, 2010


Callie "opened" her first Valentines Day cards this week!  Thank you so much to Nana & Boompa and Grandma & Grandpa, and her friends Nora and Sophia!  She loved playing with the cards and carrying them around the house.  She also loved seeing pictures of her friends, the "be-bes," on them. 

Nora, we loved your valentine... You are so beautiful.  And that bow (Callie is a little bit jealous of your hair)!  ;)

Nora's mom photographs and makes these amazing cards and invitations herself.   Check out her website called iDesign if you are needing anything (birth announcements, invites, cards, etc.).  She would be happy to work with you, her rates are reasonable, and so has a lot of great ideas!

And Sophia, you are such a little princess...

Beth got these invites at Photoworks.  I love how kids can give our valentines at school with their picture on them.  Such a cute idea we will have to keep in mind for the future!

Keeping it Real...I have to admit, sending out Valentines for Callie this year didn't even cross my mind.  It would have been fun...but maybe we'll have to remember for next year. 

Happy Valentines Day!  Wear red or pink and give your hubby a big smooch!


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