Dec 23, 2009

A Christmas Gift Idea

Here's a unique Christmas gift idea. Samaritan's Purse is an online gift catalog where you can give gifts to people around the world that are in need. Some gift ideas that stood out to me:

You can feed a hungry baby (or nursing mother) for a week or more. As a nursing mother myself, I'm quite drawn to this one. It is sad to imagine a mother nursing her baby without any food herself.

Or buy fresh water wells and water filters for people who don't have clean water. I'm super picky about funny-tasting water, and can't imagine the unclean water some people have to drink. It puts my picky-ness to shame.

And even little things like life-saving mosquito nets (if you've ever slept in the jungle, you will have a new appreciation for this item).

Or, you can just give to what's needed most. You can click here for the online catalog or for more information. Just an idea to spread the true meaning of Christmas!


Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

We do these gifts every year as stocking stuffers in my family! Love it!

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