Nov 12, 2009


It's been awhile since I've blogged. And I'm honestly too tired tonight to write much (Callie's 5:30am morning wake-up calls are wearing on me), plus we've been super busy (with settling in, minor house projects, etc.) so this will be short. I think I just want to lay on the couch and either 1) read Breaking Dawn or 2) watch TV.

But I just wanted to announce a few things (three). First thing...

#1 CALLIE HAS SAID HER FIRST WORD! Yea!!! It happened last weekend. Can you guess what it was??? I'll give you a hint. It has three letters. So cute.

#2 CALLIE IS GETTING HER FIRST TOOTH! It's cutting through on the bottom, I think the right side (I just had to wrestle her down to tell which side it's on and she didn't fully cooperate). A few weeks ago, she was pretty fussy and I thought it was due to teething, but it was actually due to an ear infection (that turned into a ruptured eardrum, which is how we could tell what it was). Thankfully we're all healthy now. The tooth doesn't seem to bother her too much. Yet.

#3 CALLIE STARTED GIVING KISSES! It's so sweet and slobbery. She goes "mmmm-mah" with her mouth open on your face. We just love it.

I just re-read what I wrote, and realized that as her mom, these things are probably a lot more exciting to me that they are to everyone else. You know life has changed when the highlight of your day has to do with a tooth... :)

P.S. Today, I accidentally boiled my broccoli cheese soup and it curdled (I have such a sweet husband, he didn't even complain). I also think I may have forgot to put yeast in the breadmaker when I was making bread because it didn't really rise very much. And, on my way to the store today I realized I had sweet potato dried in my eyebrow (I made a big batch of sweet-potato-garbanzo-bean baby food in our trusty old magic bullet). Oops!


Beth, Dan and Sophia said...

I think these all sound very exciting! I think Mommy pride is really strong. I called six people when Sophia rolled over - no wonder you want to announce all of Callie's accomplishments!

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