Oct 24, 2009

Baby Land

I can hardly believe how many babies I have seen in the last few months! It's been so much fun to meet so many friends' little ones. I have even had the opportunity to take some pictures of some of them, and I just realized that I have a real collection here.








Sage, Kolby, & Levi

And what would a Bambina Babe post be without a picture of...


Thanks, everyone, for letting me practice my photography skills on your little babes!

If you are wondering what camera I shot most of these pictures with, I have a
Canon EOS Rebel XSi.

Thanks for looking!


dannyandjessie said...

Great job Nealy! Really like them. What kind of lenses are you using?

Barb Bloom said...

Great photography, Nealy, and extra-cute subjects (that helps!!).

Sydney said...

I love it!! Callie is adorable! I also love Micah's!!

Rebekah said...

hey Nealy, I am Aaron Sages little sister and a couple of us were lookin at some blogs and we came across yours. anyways, I saw you had a g10, and now you have a Canon EOS Rebel XSi. I am looking into getting a new camera. Did you not like the g10 or do you still have that one? love to hear what you have to say. my email is

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