Aug 21, 2009

My Famous Husband

Did you know my husband is (almost) famous?

Click here to see him talking about Target (this is actually a really cool video, and it just came out).

Click here to see him talking about the time we went to Costa Rica to study abroad (yes, that's me in the pink and my lovely arm).

Oh, there's one more. Click here to see him talk about our building campaign for our church.

Yes, that's him. That's my husband. He likes to talk. But you probably already knew that if you know him.

He also likes to "model." Who knew?

Here is his picture on the website of his former engineering job (may have to click "project delivery" then "engineering" to see it).

His picture is also on the Carlson MBA brochure, but of course you can't click anywhere to view that.

Phew! That's a lot of talking, and posing! =)

Love you, sweetie.


Stephanie said...

Wow! He is famous! :) Hope you guys are doing well.

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