Jul 6, 2009

Week of the 4th

Tuesday, Kiley and Matt move into their new house. A charming 1940’s three-bedroom near the state fairgrounds.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…mass moving chaos at the Waite household! I think at one point I was painting the bathroom, my mom was painting the kitchen, Kiley was painting her office downstairs, and my dad was working on assembling furniture. Jasey was watcing Callie (she’s such a great little aunt). And a million trips to Target and Home Depot. Phew!

Thursday night…went to the lake. Beautiful night. I stuck Callie on a blanket on the beach and took some snapshots while the boys went wakeboarding. Still didn’t get a smile, but maybe a half-smile. What a munchkin!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday…lounging around Clear Lake. Went for quite a few boat rides, ran to Super Target, got a little sun when it wasn't raining, lots of cooking and some family games. Made Amanda’s Cowboy Salsa…it was a hit, as always. Watched fireworks from the boat.

Sunday night, we’re home. The house seems quiet with just the three of us. Home sweet home!


Nate and Natalie said...

Look at those eyes. I really think Callie and Elyse's eyes are the same vibrant and beautiful blue. Very cute.

alan and steph said...

sounds like a BUSY week! I love that picture

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