Apr 19, 2009

Our Weekend: Chocolate Ravioli and Family Naps

Thursday night - date night. Took the stroller and walked to Bibo Restaurant and Wine Bar. Great authentic Italian food, will definitely go back. Italian wine, pasta carbonara and wood-fired pizza. Not bad for a weeknight. Bad for losing baby-weight. =)

Friday -- MOPS in the morning, loved getting to know some other moms from church. Callie’s first time in the nursery, she did well for the first half! Kiley and Matt flew in that afternoon to do some more house-hunting, we stayed home and went on a “family walk.” Later made Giada’s Chocolate-Hazelnut Ravioli…thanks to Beth for the great idea!

Saturday -- I had a brunch that morning and Kyle daddy-sat for the first time. I came home to him walking around the house on his Bluetooth with her in the Baby Bjorn (she was happy). Softball season started with a Two-Game Tune-Up. Brought the babe but didn’t realize how sunny it would be and forgot her sun-hat! Saturday night, dinner in Uptown at Chiang Mai Thai.

Sunday -- Rainy day, made an English Breakfast, something I’ve always wanted to do since having it at Bed-and-Breakfasts in London. Church then said good-bye to Kiley & Matt. Just got up from a little “family nap.” I think dad’s the only one who fell asleep (and is still sleeping)!


Marcus, Rebecca, Chase, and Madelyn said...

They always are the ones who get to sleep the most!!! It's not really fair :)

Call me sometime!

The Chidisters said...

Sunday naps are the best!

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