Apr 7, 2009

No Really...My Baby's Poop Doesn't Stink

When I was pregnant with Callie and heard other parents talk about blow-outs, I just never thought it would happen to my baby. I don't know what I was thinking. Callie is a little blow-out machine. In fact, just now I am washing our sheets (that were clean when I just put them on yesterday) because it leaked through her swaddle this morning. And, she went through three outfits yesterday. This girl sure gives me a lot of dirty laundry! And for those of you not sure what a blow-out is, it's not getting your hair blown-out. =)

I also didn't expect that my baby would spit-up. Much. I thought that because I was breast-feeding my baby, that she wouldn't spit-up. And she doesn't a whole lot, but the moments when she does are kind of humorous. For instance, I was feeding her in a women's lounge last week and another new mom with a baby about Callie's age was there. As we were both feeding our babies, she asked me if my baby spit-up much. I said no. Seriously, just at that exact moment she spit-up more than I had ever seen her, all over herself and me. The timing of that moment just cracked me up! God sure has a sense of humor!

[And just now I have to go change her pants because she got poop on her onsie. Very funny.]

I was talking to some friends of ours awhile ago about the need for one of these. I didn't think I needed one because, well frankly, my baby's poop doesn't stink! And it doesn't smell too bad actually, at least to me, but I wish I could just hear myself and how ridiculous that sounds! Ha, ha. I just crack myself up sometimes. Ah, the perils of parenthood!


The Chidisters said...

Wait until you switch to solid foods...We LOVE our Diaper Genie! Thanks for the funny post...I already have forgotten about a lot of Abbie's blowout moments but I suppose I should be preparing myself for when it happens with the new baby. Isn't it funny how babies change our perspective on so many things?!?

Philly said...

Exactly....just wait till the soilds start and that will all change...the nice thing though the blow outs get fewer and the spitting up gets much less at that point. I'd rather deal with one stinker a day than all that mess when he was littler! Also....never say "my kid won't throw a fit and scream when they're mad"...just wait and see!

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