Feb 1, 2009

First Week in Review

What a week! It's been one of the best weeks of my life. Kyle took last week off, and it was so much fun to adjust to being a family of three. I was sad to see him go back to Monday, but am so glad that my mom is here to help me out until I feel I can handle things on my own. And this coming weekend, the L's will be here! We are so excited to introduce them to their grand-daughter/niece!

I think when I entered the "mom-world," I also entered the world of worry. The first week was full of worry for me...Does she have jaundice? Is she eating enough? Is she sleeping too much? Why is she wanting to eat so often? How much should I bathe her? Is she too hot or too cold? Can I lay her in our bed with us? Is it okay to give her a pacifier?

Our first appointment to the pediatrician last week calmed many of my fears. I not only got many of my questions answered, but the doctor confirmed that she's perfectly healthy. She even gets to skip her two-week appointment and doesn't need to go back to the pediatrician until March. Phew!

She's been mostly eating, sleeping, and pooping! We look forward to the times where she's awake. Each day, she seems to open her eyes a little bit wider and seems a little bit more aware. She's so absolutely tiny that the "newborn" clothes are even too big for her! I have a few "preemie" outfits that we have to wash about every day for now. Sometimes, I get sad just thinking of how fast she's going to grow up. She's already 11 days old today!

Speaking of how fast time goes, I can't believe how fast each day goes taking care of her! I may have one thing I want to get done one day, and it hardly gets done. It's a lot of work and everything takes about ten times longer than it usually does. But we're getting better and things are slowly getting a little easier. Hence my lack of postings on this blog lately. I'll try to do better!


Steph said...

she is just too precious!!! I can't wait to meet her one of these days. Probably not until we're in MN in May :) Thinking of you three often...

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

I love all your worries. Welcome to motherhood!

Stephanie said...

Your post brings back a lot of memories from my first week at home with Brenna! :) So glad things are going well. Keep the posts and pictures coming!

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