Nov 1, 2008

Costume Party

Our "annual" costume party last night was a success! It was pretty funny to see what everyone ended up dressing up as. I got pictures of some of the costumes from the night, but not everyone (sorry, Josh, Danielle, and Hans!).

Kyle and I were, you guessed it, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. He was such a cute little frog! And did you know we are expecting? We're not sure if it will be a green pig or a pink frog. Hmm...

This was a very creative costume. Can you guess? They are Salt & Pepper Shakers. What a cute "couple" costume. I love the hats!

Another very creative costume -- Micah the bee, Erica was "Burt's Bees" chapstick, and Ben was "Burt" the Bee Catcher. I love it! So coordinated!

And to our wonderful hosts, these Stars on Ice are in desperate need of a new hairstyle! Gotta love those wigs!

Adam and Eve - er, Ren and Kristy. This is the couple I've mentioned whose house burned down two weeks ago. They didn't have any clothes to wear, so they had to come naked, only covering with a few fig leaves! =)

The Holm family - Zac the Pirate, Tinkerbell, and a ladybug. I think Traci was dressed as "a mom who just dressed two kids in costumes." Cute family!

And these cuties are two little bugs in a rug!


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