Nov 11, 2008

Baby Shower!

Some friends put together a really nice baby shower for me last weekend! I had so much fun, and felt so blessed to have such wonderful friends that care so much. Thank you to everyone for coming (Beth, Bri, Kayla, Nicki, Traci, Danielle, Lindsey, Erica, Amanda, Jenny, Tonya, Tracy, Sarah, Andrea, & Ranya)!

The food was amazing! I think everyone brought some of my favorites, including Ranya's wild rice salad, Amanda's cowboy salsa, Andrea's meatballs, Tonya made spinach dip, Magnolia's cupcakes, and fresh fruit, among other things. Too bad I was too busy talking and opening pressents to eat very much! How pretty does that look?

Traci made the cutest diaper cake - how cool is that?!?! I received so many great baby gifts from everyone. Baby L says....(kick-kick)...thank you!

Thanks so much to Beth and Erica for throwing me a great shower!


l e a h said...

Looks like fun! Congrats in advance.

l e a h

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