Oct 18, 2008

Seven (Super Random) Things About Me

I was tagged by Christy! I'm supposed to list seven random/weird things about myself. Here goes!

1. I love falling asleep with the TV on. It’s the only way I fall instantly to sleep. It only works when someone else has the remote. Like Kyle.

2. I’m addicted to “Spider Solitaire” on the computer. Just one more game…

3. I love Craigslist. It’s the most awesome thing ever.

4. This may come as a shock, but I love change. I rearrange, repaint, and redecorate multiple times a year. I like new schedules. Anything new and different I enjoy.

5. My pet peeve is wearing socks with the logo on the inside (it’s supposed to be on the outside).

6. I like just about any food. I’m a very “non-picky” eater and will try anything, as long as it’s not a very strange kind of meat that you’re really not supposed to eat. So have me over for dinner! I won't complain. =)

7. Sometimes if I’m bored, I will do “secret makeovers” of people in my head. Like…cut your hair like this, wear your make-up like that, etc. Isn't that horrible? Does anyone else do that???

Okay, now I get to tag 7 people! Wow, that's a lot! I hope you enjoyed my randomness!









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