Aug 27, 2008


I think Kyle and I made the most spontaneous decision ever this weekend. Friday night, we went on a "date" to Kincaid's in St. Paul. After dinner, we took a walk by the river, and reflected on our summer. We realized that we haven't gone camping this year, which we normally do about once a summer.

In the past, we've always camped with friends. We have had some fun and interesting times! I didn't grow up camping, and it's been funny because ever single time that we have gone since we've been married, it's either rained (for instance, there was a massive thunderstorm in the Black Hills all of the first night, and rain most of the weekend), or been absolutely freezing (last summer, the night-time temperature dropped to 20 degrees, which made for a night we'll never forget!).

Anyway, back to the story! So Kyle and I realized that we've never gone just the two of us! We thought ahead to the weekends left of summer, and that was our last "free" weekend. Here's where the spontaneity came in -- at around 8pm Friday night, we decided to go camping the next morning! I think part of this decision was me realizing that this very well could be our last chance to go camping just the two of us (ie, no baby). So, we managed to reserve a camp site, get together everything we needed, and were on the road by 11am.

We went to Frontenac State Park, which is a little over an hour from our place. It was, as we both described, the perfect weekend. I haven't had so much fun camping, ever. We hiked down to the river, made a fire, played board games, cooked some meals over the fire (my favorite part), and even made s'mores and hot chocolate! And, I have to mention, the weather was perfect...for the first time!


The Chidisters said...

Way fun...and cute pictures. Glad you had such nice weather. I can't believe how nice it has been in it!

alan and steph said...

awww.. you two are way too cute! Wish we could camp with you guys. We also went camping last weekend! we'll post pictures soon.

Holmfamily said...

i love the spontaneity! so fun! it looks like you two had the best time ever, you can definitely see the fun you two had in your pictures.

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