Aug 5, 2008

PregTASTIC Podcasts

I just wanted to share a great pregnancy resource! PregTASTIC podcasts are fun and informative, and cover everything about pregnancy from exercise and nutrition to maternity style and breastfeeding. They are podcasts by pregnant women, for pregnant women, and regularly invite experts on the program - nurses, doctors, midwives, specialists, even therapists.

I originally heard about this online radio program from a friend's blog, and have found them perfect to listen to on my iPod while I'm working out, taking a walk, riding the lightrail downtown, or driving. I have learned a ton!
If you're pregnant, or hope to be soon, check them out. Let me know what you think!


alan and steph said...

awe... I LOVE that you are listening to Pregtastic Podcasts. They are awesome! i even love them and am not pregnant (obviously!)

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