Aug 15, 2008

The day is finally here.

I broke down and had to guessed it...maternity clothes.

I made it past the "4 month" mark with my normal clothes. I'm not even sure what is typical for the time to start needing a little help from the elastic fairy. I guess it's different for everyone. I can wear my normal jeans, and even button them up, but if drink even a gulp of water or eat something as much as lunch then try to sit down, I end up wearing them unbuttoned for the rest of the day due to comfort! And, I usually like to eat sitting down!

I seriously think my belly is getting bigger every day! It's amazing!

So, I bought two pairs of shorts at Old Navy - black and khaki. They were half-off for the end of summer. Oh my, let me tell you if you haven't experienced this, they are soooo comfortable! What have I been missing?!?! I secretly wonder why they don't make more normal clothes like this?!?! They aren't really elastic, and look like normal shorts, but have this stretchy t-shirt material that is attached underneath, and covers your whole belly. Pretty cool concept! I also got a black shimmery Michael Stars Materni-tee because a pregnant lady I met at the mall was ranting and raving about how great they are. I haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet because it has long sleeves.

If you've paid much attention, you know that I'm pretty much obsessed with cute jeans, it's just my thing. Some people like cars or jewelry or shoes. I like denim.

I love cute jeans, and have a hard time resisting buying new pairs when I find a good deal! It's been hard to know that I will have to give them up, but I've been good and haven't bought a new pair for almost a whole year (in anticipation of this day). I found a few super cute pairs at A Pea in the Pod, and am scouting the internet for a deal! Who wants to pay full price for a pair of jeans you will wear for 9 months 5 months? I guess if we have 3-4 kids, multiply that number by 3 or 4. I know, I know...I can't expect to wear my "normal jeans" on the way home from the hospital!

Thankfully though, the shirt styles right now pretty much make everyone look pregnant, so I blend right in!

Some other "tricks" that I have tried...

The Bella Band. This is a stretchy band you wear over your jeans so you can keep them unbuttoned without anyone noticing. It's a slick idea! Sometimes it comes up in the back when you bend over, but it's definitely more comfortable than pants that are too tight, and looks just like a tank top under clothes.

Another idea I have tried is looping a rubber band around your button, through the button hole, then back around the button. This actually works pretty well for a 2 cent solution! I have found using a ponytail holder is more comfortable than a rubber band.

There you go! That's my 4-month "maternity style!"

Now I'm just hoping I won't have to buy a special pair of maternity underwear! =)


Holmfamily said...

hey nealy...
i have my maternity clothes that if you want you can definitely look through! let me know!

brianna gray said...

Love that post! So fun! So, now you just need to post PHOTOS of you in your cute new clothes!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you put that comment about not wearing regular clothes home from the hospital. When I read 5 months, I thought add a few on the end there. :-)

Marcus, Rebecca, Chase, and Madelyn said...

Hi there! The rubberband trick you mentioned saved me a few bucks for a month or so!!! Haha, I hated spending money on those maternity clothes! I bet you are just beautiful! And no, you will not be wearing your regular jeans home from the hospital!!!!!!!

Kiley Waite said...

Ne, you are so cute! I love this post. You are an adorable pregnant lady... I can't wait to see your belly get bigger. Anyway, maybe someday I can borrow those Old Navy shorts. :)

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

This time I only made it 13 weeks until I started wearing maternity clothes. And last week, I got out my "maternity underwear". I just bought one size bigger.

With Kolby, I wore one size bigger jeans 3 days after he was born. With Sage, I don't remember but I think it was longer than that. We'll see with this one!

Everybody's body is so different and reacts differently to pregnancy.

Bely photos coming?

Stephanie said...

I agree. I loved wearing maternity clothes. They are so comfortable!

Amanda said...

Oh, I SO remember the feeling of "DIVINE COMFORT" when I finally slipped on a pair of maternity pants for the first time! I was pregnant with my first and trying, desperately, to put off the obvious: I was getting bigger! :) I LOVE maternity clothes shopping...It's the first time in your life that everything fits you comfortably! Old Navy was probably my favorite place to buy maternity clothes, though I LOVED Pea in the Pod...I just didn't like the prices! Can't wait to see you and your growing belly! :)

Michelle said...

Congratulations!! It's an amazing thing becoming a mother!! You'll love it!!! I had a band similar to the Bella Band but mine was the Motherhood Maternity brand which ended up being much longer so it didn't inch up in the back. And long on me is REALLY long! Just fyi. :-)

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