Jul 7, 2008

Family Reunion

This weekend, we had a great time at our second family reunion of the summer! It's was so much fun to see so many people on the L side of the family. What a cool family!

Everyone rented a huge, beautiful house in Galena, Illinois, where we all hung out. There was tons of stuff to do there, including a rodeo, fireworks, shopping downtown, swimming, canoeing, live music, a pool, lots of great food, and just hanging out with family.

The whole extended family is super close - let me explain. Three brothers (one is Kyle's grandpa) married two sisters (Kyle's grandma) and their cousin. How cool is that! And then again, next generation, two brothers (Kyle's dad) married two cousins (Kyle's mom). So everyone is super-related! Now, we just need to continue this pattern. Maybe we can hook up my two brothers with Kyle's two sisters!?!? Hmm...

A special thanks to Steph for teaching me to make some fabulous artwork! =)


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