Apr 24, 2008

Travel Destination: Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece, is probably one of the most beautiful places that I’ve been to in the world, and one of my favorites. This Greek island is part of the Cyclades, and is only a short flight away from Athens. It is a “C” shaped island that was formed from a volcanic crater. The buildings, which are all white, contrast with the black volcanic rock, and are laced with blue accents. Beautiful! Some highlights of Santorini are:

●Amazing sunsets (people even applause at the end)!
●The Caldera (huge crater cliff with white houses in it)
●Greek salads with fresh vegetables and feta cheese
●Hiking across the island on a stone path
●Blue-domed churches (there are 365 on this small island)
●Hearing people speaking Greek
●Grabbing a gyro and bottle of Fanta for lunch
●Snapshots that turn out just like calendar shots
●Greek yogurt with honey for breakfast
●Vineyards and wild olive trees
●The myth this was where the lost city of Atlantis was
●The sapphire-blue ocean


alan & steph flies said...

now if that doesn't want to make you pack your bags - I don't know what will :)
I'd love to go!!

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